Each month I’ll be bringing you different tips to help keep your carpet looking as clean as possible. Not only that, but by keeping your carpet clean, you’ll be improving the overall air quality of your home. With a family of my own, I truly understand the importance of a clean and healthy home.

This month’s topic will be about the household spot cleaner you use. Everyone deals with spots at some point in the life of their carpet, even when you get it cleaned regularly, life happens. We’ve referenced spot cleaners in the previous blogs, and we’ve found that the best spot cleaner to use in between professional cleanings is a white vinegar and warm water solution, mixed with equal parts. We try to avoid soap when cleaning carpets because of the sticky residue it leaves behind, which is another reason to use vinegar, as it leaves no residue for dirt to stick to. Premake the solution and fill a squirt bottle to keep under the sink.  That way, when spills happen, and they will, you can grab that bottle of solution and get to work. Step one: saturate area with solution. Step two: take a towel and blot the carpet (never rub or scrub), allowing the towel to absorb the moisture from the carpet and the spill. Step three: continue to blot carpet until all moisture is gone, using several towels if needed. Step four: repeat as often as needed. If desired results aren’t achieved, it might be time to give me a call.
We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog, we hope our tips help you in your efforts to keep a clean home.  Stay tuned for more monthly tips!