Have you ever had that moment, halfway to work and you realize that spill from a week ago has made your car reek of something funky. Most of us neglect our vehicles interior paying little attention to the dirt and grime we bring into the  car or truck.  From the random spills and dropped food, to the dirt on our shoes. We abuse our vehicles interior. Sure, we can clean up the dash. Wipe down the cup holders. What about the stains on the seats and the carpet; Not much the average person can do about those. These spots tend to get overlooked until it gets so bad they get covered up. The good news is, Paragon Carpet & Tile Cleaning can help. Having the interior of your vehicle professionally cleaned creates a clean environment for you to travel in and brings back that new car feeling. Spring is just around the corner, start it off right with a Car that is clean from the inside out.

truck seat